June 2024 New Releases

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New Books and Bibles

Below is a list of the new and notable resources releasing this month from Crossway. Titles include Waiting Isn’t a Waste by Mark Vroegop and What Is Covenant Theology? by Ryan M. McGraw.

Waiting Isn't a Waste: The Surprising Comfort of Trusting God in the Uncertainties of Life

Mark Vroegop

In Waiting Isn’t a Waste, author Mark Vroegop calls believers to resist the human urge for control and lean on Christ for comfort while we wait for the uncertainties of life to unfold. Vroegop explores what it means to wait on God through 6 important characteristics—waiting is hard, common, biblical, slow, commanded, and relational. This book not only teaches readers how to wait on God but inspires them to embrace waiting—for it prompts wisdom from God and brings invaluable peace to the present.

Waiting Isn’t a Waste is full of timely and practical encouragement for every reader. Instead of trying to avoid waiting at all costs, this book will help you embrace it as a good gift from God.”
Ruth Chou Simons, Wall Street Journal bestselling author; artist; Founder, GraceLaced.com

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ESV Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year

Designed to help readers immerse themselves in the New Testament, this daily devotional explores Matthew through Revelation in one year. Each day includes a reading from the first half of the New Testament (Matthew through Acts), a reading from the second half (Romans through Revelation), brief reflections adapted from the Gospel Transformation Study Bible, and a prayer prompt. Every day’s reading also ends with one or two related verses from the Psalms. Insightful and accessible, the ESV Daily Devotional New Testament provides insights into the biblical text and encouragement for godly living.

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What Is Covenant Theology?: Tracing God's Promises through the Son, the Seed, and the Sacraments

Ryan M. McGraw

In this practical introduction, professor Ryan McGraw gives readers a framework for understanding the structure of the Bible. Explaining the blessing of covenant theology, he reveals how the sacraments illustrate God’s relationship with his people throughout the ages and help unify all parts of Scripture, from God’s promises in Genesis to their fulfillment in Revelation. Exploring the covenants of redemption, works, and grace, this book will give readers clarity about the gospel, and teach them how to live in fellowship with the triune God and others.

“Ryan McGraw’s introduction to covenant theology is wonderful. He takes a complex topic and boils it down to its basics, showing both covenant theology’s distinctive emphases and how those distinctives are a blessing to God’s people. I am confident this will invite many to study covenant theology more deeply and thus understand the Bible more completely.”
Stephen G. Myers, Professor of Systematic and Biblical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; author, God to Us: Covenant Theology in Scripture

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The Mission of God and the Witness of the Church

Justin A. Schell

Justin Schell takes readers on a canonical journey exploring the mission of the eternal God—Father, Son, and Spirit. Drawing insights from creation, the exodus of God’s people, the suffering servant, the Great Commission, and consummation, this book examines the purpose and beauty of God’s great story. It is out of an abundance of love that God brings us into union with him, calling his church to bear witness to all that has been done in Christ, until the day that he returns.

“The theme of missions is a key to understanding the Bible. Justin Schell enables us to see this afresh in this book. This is not just a rehashing of previous books on missions, and it is certainly more than an academic book. It is a God-centered call to the church to see the vital place that its Christ-representing witness has in the mission of God. It brings us a message we all need to hear!”
Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia; Founding Chancellor, African Christian University

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To Walk and to Please God: A Theology of 1 and 2 Thessalonians

Andrew Malone

In this volume of the New Testament Theology series, author Andrew Malone explores 1 and 2 Thessalonians to highlight the life cycle of Christian discipleship—turning away from idols, trusting in the gospel message, having hope that the Lord will return, and continually pleasing the one true God until that return. Through clear and engaging theological examinations, Malone expounds on predominant themes—enhancing gospel reputation, persistence in the face of opposition, Christian life within an unbelieving society, and more—explaining how they are relevant for the church today.

“Andrew Malone has synthesized the contents of the apostle Paul’s Thessalonian letters, offering a coherent narrative of salvation that traces the life of the believer from one’s turn to God to the return of Christ. With an eye to application both in pastoral ministry and in everyday life, this is a useful resource for all who wish to appropriate the letters of Paul as a word for today.”
Timothy Brookins, Professor of Early Christianity, Houston Christian University

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Talking to God: Prayer

Alex Duke

Talking to God in prayer is one of the most foundational elements to the Christian faith but is often surrounded by a lot of uncertainty and questions: Is there a right way to pray? How does it really work? Does God hear all prayers? In this short study guide, groups will work through guided discussions together as they learn about the centrality of prayer in the Christian life and the church community.

“9Marks, as a ministry, has taken basic biblical teaching about the church and put it into the hands of pastors. I am unaware of any other tool that so thoroughly and practically helps Christians understand God’s plan for the local church. I can’t wait to use these studies in my own congregation.”
Jeramie Rinne, Senior Pastor, Sanibel Community Church, Fort Myers, Florida

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Sending and Going Together: Missions

Alex Duke

While the word “missions” is not in the Bible, taking the gospel to unreached people is an essential outpouring of the Christian faith. This short study guide explores a biblical understanding and practice of missions and covers topics such as sending and supporting missionaries. Using questions at the end of each chapter, groups will work through guided discussions together as they learn the Bible’s teaching on missions.

“9Marks has done local church pastors an incredible service by writing these study guides. Clear, biblical, and practical, they introduce the biblical basis for a healthy church. But more importantly, they challenge and equip church members to be part of the process of improving their own church’s health. The studies work for individual, small group, and larger group settings. I have used them for the last year at my own church and appreciate how easy they are to adapt to my own setting. I don’t know of anything else like them. Highly recommended!”
Michael Lawrence, Senior Pastor, Hinson Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon; author, Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

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